Monday, April 29, 2013

Denying College Students Voting Rights

Ohio Republicans are working their hardest in trying to deny college students the right to vote. Republicans don't like the fact that younger voters tend to support Democratic candidates.

 The Dayton Dayton News has details on the latest cockamamie idea the Ohio Republicans have to try to stop college students from voting.


A Republican amendment to the state budget bill would force public colleges and universities to charge out-of-state students the resident tuition price if they issue proof of residence to vote in an election.

GOP lawmakers claim the provision intends to alleviate the financial burden on students. Democrats and voters rights advocates argue the provision is a move to make sure fewer young people, who tend to vote Democratic, can cast their ballot in battleground state Ohio.....

...University officials said they did not request the change and were surprised to see it inserted into the 4,600-page budget bill, which passed the House last week and it now being vetted by the Senate....

The Republican Party only seems to be attractive to old, rich, white people. With efforts from the GOP against everything most educated young people support (like women's reproductive rights, equal pay for women, gay rights, college grants, minority rights, immigrants, middle class workers, school teachers, unions, Social Security, increase in minimum wage, etc.) the GOP just isn't that appealing to people under the age of 40. 

The Ohio GOP will continue to do their part to cut Democratic voters from the rolls.  Unwilling to  change their agenda for modern times, the Republicans continue to promote their neanderthal ideas.