Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Vote On Gun Control

* The parents from Sandy Hook visited elected officials today in Washington, DC. 

LA Times:

Family members of Sandy Hook shooting victims are bewildered that Congress is still struggling to pass stricter gun laws, Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking to a room full of police in uniform at a White House event, Biden bluntly described the opposition that gun measures face. He blamed “the black helicopter crowd” for stirring up fears that the government wants to “swoop down” and seize everyone’s guns.

That opposition has stalled action, Biden said, frustrating the families of victims. “They really don’t get” how Congress can have failed to vote already, Biden told his audience, recounting a conversation with 13 family members over breakfast at the vice presidential residence earlier in the day. “One mom said to me, ‘What is it they don’t understand?’ ”

The arrogance of some elected officials is astounding. Hopefully, the family members from Sandy Hook can reach some of the cold-hearted officials. Frankly, I cannot understand how anyone could deny these families a little peace in providing the legislation they want.

* Sen. Rob Portman (OH-R) wants to play around with the debt ceiling again!!!
DailyKos has the details about Portman's plan. Instead of moving forward, Portman wants to waste time to revisit negotiations and make more cuts. Ridiculous!