Monday, April 08, 2013

What Republican Leadership?

* The Republican Leader of the House, Eric Cantor, is definitely hardly working. Have you seen the "work" calendar he created? It is pathetic because it lacks any real substantial foundation to accomplish anything!.

* ABC News has a post about the service rankings of airlines. We were on an airline recently and I am still recovering from (a) feeling like a sardine because of the lack of leg room, and (b) the fees for bags. Soon the airlines might be using shoe horns to get people in their seats.

*** When I was little, I wanted to be like Annette Funicello on the Mickey Mouse Club. Today, Annette Funicello passed away, according to CNN.

> Plunderbund wants us to know that ECOT is taking money away from our schools.

From the “not news” file comes the continuing sad saga of ECOT, the largest charter e-school in Ohio.  We’ve reported about ECOT many times in the past and this post is a continuing update of the damage that ECOT continues to cause statewide.

ECOT’s 40% graduation rate doesn’t stop them from siphoning students and funding away from over 300 of the top-rated school districts in the state.  A whopping 327 of the 353 districts rated Excellent or Excellent w/Distinction (“A” or “A+”) are losing students and the associated funding to ECOT this year, totaling over $33 million dollars pulled from districts such as A+ rated Strongsville (embroiled in a contentious negotiations and a prolonged teacher’s strike)....

...Charters like ECOT (Ohio’s largest by a mile) are not the saving grace of education in Ohio — they are siphoning students and money away from the best school districts in the state, causing unnecessary strife and lowering statewide student achievement.

Ohio's charter schools are not doing well, but they will get more money from their "sugar daddy"----John Kasich.