Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Good, and the Not So Good

* Some good news----

The Columbus Zoo says its most recent additions include a monkey that was born last month and is named after a quirky scientist character on the CBS comedy "The Big Bang Theory."

How cute!

* The not so good....

   •   The job losses are continuing in Ohio. A quick glance at the Warn Notices at Ohio Dept. of Jobs and Family Services, shows a growing list of layoffs. We might never find out why these layoffs are happening because Gov. Kasich refuses to divulge the secret, backroom deals of the OhioJobs program that he created. With his own appointed board members, and undisclosed deals with undisclosed businesses, Ohioans are being kept in the dark about how our tax dollars are being used.

  •     Appalachian Trail walker and Republican candidate, Mark Sanford made a huge mistake, yet again.


In a full-page ad appearing in the Post and Courier newspaper on Sunday, former South Carolina governor compared his campaign to the Alamo, described what a tough week it had been (for the Sanford campaign, in case you thought he was talking about something else) and defended himself against the recent leak of court documents showing his ex-wife had accused him of trespassing....

Of course, the people of South Carolina are left wondering why Sanford mentioned the name of someone that fought at the Alamo in Texas. With any luck, Sanford will lose and will have plenty of time to visit the Appalachian Trail.