Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Lawrence O'Donnell Wins!

On The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell interviewed Asa Hutchinson, NRA "consultant" about the NRA's recommendations for reducing gun violence in schools. O'Donnell asked Hutchinson how much he was getting paid by the NRA for his consultation. Of course, Hutchinson refused to answer. O'Donnell also noted that the NRA "committee" that came up with recommendations did not have one educator representing teachers.  By the end of the interview, Hutchinson was sweating profusely on his forehead and upper lip.

>>> The Republicans in South Carolina chose Mark Sanford as their Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in their primary today. Mark Sanford was the governor of South Carolina when he abandoned his office, his family, and his state to go on the "Appalachian Trail" in 2009.  Of course, he was not on the "Appalachian Trail" but with his female friend in South America. Live5News in Charleston, SC, has all the details, including Sanford thanking his girlfriend.

What is that expression about cheaters....?