Friday, October 14, 2011

Ask Orrin about Raser

According to viewers of Fox News (every family has a couple), there was some energy company called Solyndra had some financial problems and Republicans are blaming President Obama.  Last time I checked, President Obama tried to move the country forward after the Wall Street collapse, bank bailouts, and recession of the Bush administration.  He tried to get the country back to work.  Unfortunately, the Republicans have been sitting on their fat a**es repeating a mantra of "more tax cuts, more tax cuts, more tax cuts...."  In my book, President Obama tried to get things moving, but the Republicans have created discourse, shown a lack of effort, and have actually spoken out in favor of failure.

One topic you won't hear about on Fox News is the Raser Technologies project that was championed by Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch.

USA Today:

....In April, the company that Hatch touted as on the cutting edge filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection — never coming close to producing the 10 megawatts that were projected at the Hatch Plant.....

Nice going, Orrin.