Friday, October 28, 2011

"under seige"

Since I am not a fan of George Will, I'm not a regular reader of his column. However, a little blurb in a recent column made me sit up and scream.

George Will's column that appeared in the Tennessean, listed reasons that he thought that Romney would not be a good candidate for the Republicans.  Will noted that Romney flip-flopped on his for-against-for Issue 2 in Ohio. Frankly, I don't care about Romney's chances in the political arena.  Below is the paragraph that I want to bring to your attention.


....Last week in Ohio, Romney straddled the issue of the ballot initiative by which liberals and unions hope to repeal the law Republican Gov. John Kasich got enacted to limit public employees' collective bargaining rights. Kasich, like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, is under siege. Romney was asked, at a Republican phone bank rallying support for Kasich's measure, to oppose repeal of it, and to endorse another measure exempting Ohioans from Obamacare's insurance mandate (a cousin of Romneycare's Massachusetts mandate). He refused.....

Here is the offensive sentence from the article in the Tennessean:

.......Kasich, like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, is under siege.....

Really?  George Will thinks that under siege. Give me a break!  Gov. John Kasich has made a point of disrespecting, denigrating, and dismissing the education, accomplishments, and work of Ohio's public school teachers.  Kasich has made teachers, firefighters, police officers, nurses, and public employees the scapegoats for Ohio's economic disaster.  Of course, Kasich doesn't mention that former Gov. Bob Taft set up the state for this mess because of Taft's massive tax cuts. Kasich fails to mention that as a Vice President at Lehman Brothers that he and his Wall Street buddies created this mess.

The middle class is under siege in Ohio with John Kasich as governor.  George Will might be trying to create some sympathy for his buddy, but those of us that live in Ohio know that Kasich is an arrogant, anti-middle class, and pro-corporate Wall Streeter. 


The Ohio Republicans and their SB 5/Issue 2 also hurts our veterans.  Plunderbund discovered this way back in March:
....So, just to be clear, Ohio’s Republican state Senators just sent a bill over to the House that screws Ohio’s veterans who want to be teachers out of a well-deserved 20% salary increase based on their military service.....

Why do Ohio's Republicans hate veterans too?

Vote NO on Issue 2.

Vote No on Issues 1, 2, and 3.