Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not Thinking Ahead?

Mitt Romney's big mistake in Ohio the other day clearly demonstrates his flip-flop on issues time and time again. Romney's flip-flop on Issue 2, as explained at The Hill, has made right wingers get upset.  If Romney wants to support Gov. Kasich's anti-middle class Issue 2 that takes away rights from Ohio's public workers, that is fine.  Ohio's firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses, and public workers are making lists and checking them twice.  They will remember Republicans, their push for Issue 2, and their lies during the campaign.

In the meantime..... Vote NO on Issue 2.

*  After the exotic animal disaster in Zanesville, and Gov. Kasich's meaningless executive order, it will come as no surprise that the widow of the man that released all those animals is headed to the Columbus Zoo to retrieve them.


Marian Thompson, the widow of Terry Thompson, will reclaim six exotic animals housed at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium at 2 p.m. today, according to zoo officials.

The animals were the only ones to survive last week's tragedy at the Thompson farm near Zanesville.....

....The zoo has no legal rights to the animals and removed them from the farm with the permission of Marian Thompson....

People are wondering how Mrs. Thompson can get the exotic animals back.  Here is the answer from an article published on October 22nd, in the Dispatch:

An executive order on Ohio’s dangerous wild-animals problem that Gov. John Kasich signed yesterday relies exclusively on existing agencies and authority — including arrest powers available to county humane societies since 1953.

Unlike an order signed by his predecessor, Gov. Ted Strickland, which Kasich allowed to expire, the new order does not ban ownership or sale of wild animals, or require registration. Kasich said that would require changes in state law to be proposed later this year....

.....Tim Harrison of Outreach for Animals, a Dayton organization that does wild-animal rescues, called Kasich’s order “absolutely toothless. This is like putting a Band-Aid on a bleeding artery."

Are we in store for another exotic animal tragedy because Kasich signed a weak executive order?  After such a horrible event, Kasich's lack of initiative to protect the public and animal life is disgusting.  Kasich's answer about the possibility that Issue 2 will go down to defeat could also explain his lack of foresight in the exotic animal issues.

Columbus Dispatch:

...When asked if he has “a back-up plan,” Kasich replied: “I never think ahead.”

We can conclude that Kasich did not think ahead as to what could happen if the widow wanted the surviving animals back in her possession.