Monday, October 03, 2011

Kasich Has the Highest Disapproval Rating

 PublicPolicyPolling has announced what Ohioans already knew:

...Scott no longer holds the dubious distinction as the most unpopular Governor PPP has polled on in 2011- Ohio's John Kasich edges him out for that with a 53% disapproval rating....

Kasich must be sooooooooo proud.

While we fight against SB 5, a bill that ends collective bargaining and binding arbitration for public employees, Kasich continues to push the law which would cause people to lose their rights on the job.

At a rally in Youngstown, State Rep. Bob Hagan and State Sen. Joe Schiavoni provided those in attendance with encouragement to go out and work against SB 5. 
The Jambar:

....Hagan offered a memorable quip for voters to overcome the tricky language of Issue 2:

"Remember, do you want to re-elect Kasich? No. Vote ‘no' on Issue 2."

***  Vote NO on Issue 2.  ***