Friday, October 07, 2011

"Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain..."

Did they think we wouldn't notice?  Yes, the Ohio Republicans, Gov. John Kasich, and their corporate sponsors, were hoping that you wouldn't or couldn't find out about their people in some of their ads. 

There is the fake cop in the Republican, pro-sb5 mailer (see Plunderbund).

WeAreOhio recognized Kyle Farmer, the teacher in the ad that supports SB 5, as the Chairman of the Fairfield County GOP.  HA!


Kyle Farmer's Twitter page was discovered:

Kyle Farmer

Kyle Farmer

@kylefarmer Baltimore, Ohio

Kyle Farmer's picture, representing the Fairfield Co. GOP, was seen in the LancasterEagleGazette.
Kyle Farmer's Facebook page was noticed, with his connections to the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club (?), a Republican page on Facebook (OhioVictory), etc.

Plunderbund reported, on July 6, 2010, that Kyle Farmer was at a protest during a speech given by Gov. Ted Strickland.:

[UPDATE:]  It gets even worse…. one of the other five protestors was the Ohio Republican Party’s “tracker” of the Strickland campaign.
According to an eyewitness to the protest, another was Kyle Farmer, the Executive Director of the Fairfield County Republican Party. 
According to Twitter, some from the “Hinch Group” was there with him.  The Hinch Group is a political consultancy company which lists…. John Kasich’s campaign as a client.

What can we learn from this?  Kasich, and the Ohio GOP will do anything to hurt the middle class of Ohio, especially those people who are the backbone and support of this state--the teachers, the police officers, the fire fighters, the nurses, and state workers.
Let Kasich and the Republicans know that you've had enough with the tax breaks for corporations, and this attempted power grab.


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