Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stay Informed

* There is a great post over at WeAreOhio that states---

ISSUE 2 is UNSAFE, UNFAIR, and HURTS Ohio's Middle Class Families


  • Issue 2 puts all our families’ safety at risk. It makes it harder for emergency responders, police and firefighters to negotiate for critical safety equipment and training that protects us all.
  • Issue 2 will make our nursing shortage worse.  It makes it illegal for nurses, hospital and clinic workers to demand reasonable and safe staffing levels—so nurses will juggle more patients while their salaries and benefits are cut.


  • The same Columbus politicians who claim “we all must sacrifice” left themselves a gaping loophole in the law, making a special exception for politicians and upper management....
    If you really want to talk about class warfare, the Ohio Republicans started it in Ohio.  By protecting the rich and taking worker protections away from the middle class, Kasich & Co. (the Republicans) are doing all they can to protect themselves and their friends. 
****  We're known by the friends that we keep.  Josh Mandel, Republican candidate for Senate, will be endorsed by the Family Research Council, according to a story in the conservative PlainDealer.

The Family Research Council is an extremely conservative group that has made some very controversial statements. For example, Sojourners had this earlier in the year:

In response to Sojourners’ radio ads about the budget debates, the Family Research Council’s political action committee has launched radio ads in Kentucky and Ohio arguing that deficit reduction should cut programs that serve poor and vulnerable people. The ads assert that it is the private individual, not government, who has a responsibility to the poor.....

.......This also sets up the Family Research Council in opposition to major evangelical anti-poverty groups like World Vision and the Salvation Army. While just a few years ago, “compassionate conservatives” were at the forefront of increasing effective aid to address pandemic diseases and extreme poverty, the Family Research Council has been calling for cuts to USAID’s anti-poverty work, which would hurt groups like World Vision and the Salvation Army......

Doesn't that make you feel sick all over knowing that the FRC wanted to make cuts to programs that helped the poor? 

****  Josh Mandel's personal financial disclosure report is now 5 months late.