Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Do you ever get the impression that some people are just plain pond scum? I have always had that feeling about Sen. Bob Corker. There is just something about his mannerisms, and the way he raises his eyebrows when he speaks. When I read about a "dust up" with the President and the Senate Republicans, I immediately sensed that slimy Corker was somehow involved.

TPM LiveWire:

Senate Republicans used a lot of words to describe their meeting with President Obama today: "audacity," "nerve," "frayed," "testy" ... you get the picture.

Obama and the GOP Senate caucus, meeting together for the first time in a year, discussed bipartisanship as well as some of the more pressing issues of the day. According to the AP, the "eruption" began when the President promised to meet the GOP halfway on a number of issues.

"I told him I thought there was a degree of audacity in him even showing up today after what happened with financial regulation," Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) told the AP. "I asked him how he was able to reconcile that duplicity, coming in today to see us."

I think Bob Corker has a lot of audacity talking to President Obama like that. Who does Corker think he is addressing? Why would the President be reluctant to speak to anyone, let alone someone like Corker? How does Corker think the President should act?

*** Just when you thought the elected member of the Ohio General Assembly couldn't waste any additional time on worthless legislation, they surprise you again! Of course, Tim Grendell is involved!!!


A debate was starting on Tuesday over whether the road signs advertising projects funded by federal stimulus money are your tax dollars at work or a waste of money.

Some state lawmakers want to do away with those signs at construction sites around Ohio that advertise projects paid for with federal money, 10TV's Andy Hirsch reported....

....ODOT argues the signs represent transparency and accountability in government spending and oppose the legislation...

One of the reasons that some people don't like these signs is that they want to cover up the fact that jobs are being created and that the stimulus worked.

Here is the bill: http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/bills.cfm?ID=128_SB_179

The list of sponsors of the bill include Tim Grendell who conducted the recent witch hunt about the canceled sting at the Governor's Mansion. This is the same Tim Grendell that had tried in the past to remove the stimulus signs, even though he has sponsored 74 previous roadside signs (see Cleveland.com for the facts). The same Grendell that was censured by his county Republican Party (see the News-Herald).