Monday, May 03, 2010

Latta Tweets Instead of Getting You Back to Work

> I've read that Republican Rep. Bob Latta (OH-5) is a big fan of Twitter. It might be better for Latta to write some legislation to create jobs instead of dabbling in gossip and political attacks. What was he sent to Congress to do---- play with Twitter???? According to Latta's Twitter account, he has had
1,275 Tweets. Latta Tweets 10 times per day or more. Why isn't he actually working?

> Last evening I was in my car playing roulette with the radio and I heard Bill Cunningham and Kenneth Blackwell on some nutty, crazy rampage against President Obama. What is it with these righties? They were trying to blame the entire Gulf Coast oil mess on President Obama! Why does Cincinnati have so many right wingers? Is there something in the water?

> Has John Kasich released any additional of his tax returns from his days at the now bankrupt Lehman Brothers? I'm just asking because I'm curious to find out how big his bonuses were when Lehman was really making big, big money.

> The Washington Times is for sale, according to IF I had money to purchase the newspaper, I would

a) fire everyone
b) hire people to clean and scrub every inch of their buildings to wipe out any residue of their far out, right wing propaganda
c) hire good writers and reporters willing to report the truth.

Since I don't have the millions it would take to purchase the Washington Times, I can dream....