Sunday, May 16, 2010

Husted Non-Partisan? NO WAY!

Slick, non-resident of Kettering, Jon Husted, Republican candidate for Ohio Secretary of State, wants you to believe that he is non-partisan. Wow. If you believe that, perhaps I can interest you in some valuable swamp land.

Husted avoided talking about his real residency because he was Jon Husted, and he thought he was king. When Husted was in the Ohio House and Bob Taft was governor, Husted was able to get everything he wanted. Husted went directly to the various departments in the state and yelled and screamed until he got what he wanted ---- including an interchange that was not necessary or even a priority. However, Husted demanded and got that interchange, and his friend, who just happened to be the owner of a construction company, got the job.

Do you recall Husted's response after Gov. Strickland gave his "State of the State" speech. Husted ridiculed the Governor. Is that being non-partisan?

How many times did Husted go to court to fight against Jennifer Brunner? Every person in Ohio knows that Husted doesn't live in that teeny little house in Kettering. When Husted was challenged, he attacked Brunner, and then got what he wanted from the Republican-controlled Ohio Supreme Court. Is that an example of being non-partisan?

Check out Husted's campaign website. Does he say anything about protecting the rights of minorities to vote? What voting issues does he talk about other than himself?

Husted could send us back to the awful voting days of Kenneth Blackwell---long lines, the challenging of minority voters, broken voting machines in Democratic wards, and the secret backroom counting of votes like we had in the past.

Ohio doesn't need an egotistical, self-serving, slick, pompous, hot head like Husted running our state's elections.