Friday, May 07, 2010

Sleazy Republicans With Nothing to Offer

Do you remember the Republican health care plan?
.....It didn't exist.

Do you remember how many Republicans voted for the stimulus plan?

Can you recall the number of job creation bills the Republicans proposed?
.....There were none.

Do you know how many current, vital nominations that the Senate Republicans have blocked?
.....According to the Washington Post, almost 100.

Consider yourself lucky if you've missed the sleazy, scummy ad put up by the Republicans against Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, Lee Fisher. Since the Republicans and Rob "Bush Guy" Portman have nothing to offer except the same old, right wing, "trickle down" economic policies, they have to sponsor ads that do nothing to add to the conversation. With no new ideas or solutions, the "Party of NO!" is rapidly becoming irrelevant, out of touch, and completely inept.

Note: I just saw an ad for Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi. Tiberi is just a seat warmer that follows the orders of John Boehner. I have heard time and time again that Tiberi has done little to help his district. Tiberi voted against the stimulus plan but then wrote a letter to beg for money for his district. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.