Thursday, May 06, 2010

Kasich: Inadequate Information

The Toledo Blade:

...Mr. Kasich - a former congressman, Fox News pundit, and executive of the bankrupt Lehman Brothers investment firm - still resists full disclosure of his income and investments. His Democratic opponent, incumbent Ted Strickland, has released about a decade's worth of his federal tax returns. By contrast, Mr. Kasich gave reporters a half-hour to review part of a single tax return from 2008 that could not be copied.

No state law requires gubernatorial candidates to release their full tax returns, but they usually have done so. A spokesman for Mr. Kasich says the nominee and his wife "have already released more than is required under Ohio law." But voters ultimately must be satisfied with what Mr. Kasich has disclosed about his business dealings and bonuses from Lehman Brothers. So far, that disclosure is inadequate.

Inadequate. Unfortunately, Kasich has not provided an adequate explanation of exactly what cuts he'd make if elected. Kasich is a proponent of cutting budgets with a chainsaw. How much of our state's education budget will be cut? Kasich's explanation has been inadequate.

*** Statehouserock has noticed some Republican hypocrisy:

Ohio: Overlooked in the election results from Tuesday’s primaries was the surprisingly easy passage of State Issue 1 on the Buckeye State ballot. Belying the narrative that Americans are fed up with big government and stimulus spending, 60% of Ohio voters approved authorizing the state to issue $700 million in general-obligation bonds to keep the job-creating, high-tech Third Frontier investment program alive for three more years. Even GOP guber wannabe John Kasich had indicated he supported the program.

Huh? Hasn’t the GOP been telling us all along that government doesn’t create jobs?