Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Too Much Government?"

Extreme Libertarian/Tea Party follower, Rand Paul, candidate for U.S. Senate, has really showed us some of his views about what he thinks is "too much government." Rand Paul is against laws that are already in force. He is against the American with Disabilities Act and the Civil Rights Laws. Rand Paul believes that business owners should have the right to do what they please as far as which customers they serve, and that the government should not prevent a business owner to discriminate. He also believes that the laws regarding disabilities put too much strain on businesses.

I just have one question to ask of Rand Paul----

Is he out of his freaking mind?

Do you think that we should give up all our rights and privileges because some spoiled kid from Tennessee thinks that there is too much government? Give up civil rights? No way! Repeal the Disability Act? Never!

Rand Paul must live in some little storybook world where everything is hunky dory and he has never faced discrimination or roadblocks. Rand Paul is clearly dangerous, selfish, and completely uneducated about the lives of real people.