Saturday, May 22, 2010

Home Again!!!

It is good to be home again!

>>>> WKYC has some good news for Ohio:

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Ohio's addition of 37,300 jobs in April is the most compared to other states for the month.

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland siad, "This news, coming on the heels of the recent passage of Ohio Third Frontier and the ongoing research being generated by our great universities, should give us all hope that Ohio is well-positioned for recovery."

It is a start!

*** If I lived in Texas, I would home school my children. With the recent move by the Texas Board of Education to re-write history to fit their own right wing agenda, students, parents, and future generations of Texans will lose.

The Dallas Morning News has some of the details which include the bolstering of the biography of Ronald Reagan, the questioning of the separation of church and state, the minimizing of prominent Democratic Presidents, the elimination of certain historical names and events, and a re-writing of what really happened.

Personally, I think that the Texas Board of Education will provide embarrassing situations for students who move out of their state. Can you imagine a Texas high school student taking college entrance exams and failing those sections pertaining to social studies because they were taught slanted and inaccurate information? Other situations could present uncomfortable positions for any Texas student who moves out of their state and has to present some historical information.

The Texas Board of Education has re-written the curriculum similar to the way that the Chinese, former Communist Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Russia wrote their books for students. They left out those items they disagreed with and promoted their own agenda and beliefs. The Texas Board of Education looks like a bunch of right wing idiots.

**** A recent accident involving students from Hilliard City Schools might have some parents wondering why a certain transportation company was picked for a field trip for band members. Urban Express, which had an accident while transporting students, has an "F" rating from the
Better Business Bureau.

Why didn't the Hilliard Board of Education provide school bus transportation for this trip?