Tuesday, January 31, 2012


***   What would you do if Newt Gingrich was elected President of the United States?  Some people that don't know the legislative background of Newt Gingrich might wonder what a President Gingrich would be like.  If, God forbid, Gingrich ever became President, my husband and I would sell everything and move to Canada. Gingrich is not to be trusted with things like red buttons, nuclear weapons, or anything that could cause a catastrophe.

>>>  Residents in the Pennsylvania region where the Marcellus Shale is located, are losing their homes to the gas companies declaring "eminent domain" and taking their property at prices far below value (WSJ).  Could that happen here in Ohio or in other states?  Some Republican governors would sell their families to get in good with the energy companies.

****  Early voting has started in Ohio.  You can request an absentee ballot so that you don't have to face some Republican trying to prevent you from voting.

>>>>  You might want to check out a poll by the Plain Dealer.