Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Underwhelming Romney

* Mitt Romney got an astounding 25% of the vote in the Iowa caucus. The problem is that Romney never seems to get anything higher than 25% of voters in these primaries.  Are people just not sure about him and his continuing flip flops on every issues?


Talk about winning ugly. Mitt Romney squeaked out an early morning victory over relatively unknown Rick Santorum to win the Iowa caucuses by a whisper-thin eight votes. Romney’s 24.6 percent of the caucus vote taunts him. It reminds everyone of his recently acquired nickname: “The 25-Percent Man.” 

That’s his ceiling, so far. He received a quarter of the votes in Iowa four years ago when he lost to Mike Huckabee. That’s also been the ceiling that persistently stops him in national polls of fellow Republicans. The Grand Old Party’s Anybody-But-Mitt movement doesn’t like him because he’s not conservative enough. They didn’t like Sen. John McCain, either, for which President Barack Obama should be most grateful.....

Are Republicans underwhelmed with their candidates?????

* Did anyone else notice that in the recent debates the Republican presidential candidates did not discuss how they'd get people back to work?  They'd rather try to discuss your uterus, which of them is more conservative, allowing children to work as janitors, etc., etc.  It is all a bunch of baloney.

The MoralLiberal shares this:

...The low turnout at the republican Iowa caucuses is not an exception but apparent trend in the last few months. The defeat of Governor Kasich’s attempt to reform labor laws in Ohio was the major warning sign for the Republicans of disenchantment with their brand. Forcing people to buy health insurance was rejected by the voters in the same special election. The republican establishment favorite will have to defend the most hated measure in the ObamaCare law, because Mitt Romney was the one who started it all in Massachusetts.

The independent folks who stood in the wave that in 2010 delivered the shellacking of the Democrats realized that the Republican Party is dysfunctional (judging by their erratic behavior in Congress) and unwilling to change (standing behind Mitt Romney, whose vision for the future is copy/pasted from the Bush policy books) ....

...The majority of voters in the republican primary understand that Mitt Romney is unelectable. He won the Iowa caucuses with the lowest percentage of votes in the recorded history. Unfortunately, the party also failed to produce electable conservative alternative. So the protest vote will go in three directions: some disappointed folks will stay home, some will join the Ron Paul Revolution, and some will cast protest votes for third party candidates.....

The Republican Party seems to want to give the nomination to the person next in line.  It is the way the royalty decides which person takes the throne. Since Romney was a runner up in the last election, the GOP considers it his turn to be their candidate. Romney has been running for President since the last presidential election.

We can only hope that some Republicans display their lack of interest in their party's nominee and stay home on election day.