Wednesday, January 18, 2012


*  A recent survey in U.S. Catholic magazine, provided data on opinions of the administration of President Barack Obama.  Here are some highlights from U.S. Catholic:

....4. Partisan politics in Washington have stifled President Obama’s attempts at working to promote the common good.
 Agree 55%
 Disagree 29% 
 Other 5%

5. If I had to choose only one, the recent president I hold most responsible for our nation’s current economic difficulties is:
George W. Bush. 53%
Barack Obama. 21%
Ronald Reagan. 11%
Bill Clinton. 5%
George H. W. Bush. 2%
Jimmy Carter. 2%
Other 6%

....7. I intend to vote for Barack Obama in the 2012 elections.
Yes 51%
No 38% 
Undecided 11%....

For more details, follow this link to U.S. Catholic.

**** Isn't it amazing that Republican candidate Mitt Romney is in the 15% tax bracket?
Romney doesn't seem to get how that appears very unfair considering he is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


....In Greenville, S.C., Romney was asked directly what his effective tax rate is. It was a hot topic of discussion at Monday night's debate, at which Romney repeatedly declined to fully commit to release his tax returns. 

"It's probably closer to the 15 percent rate than anything," said Romney on Tuesday. "For the past 10 years, my income comes overwhelmingly from investments made in the past, rather than ordinary income or earned annual income. I got a little bit of income from my book, but I gave that all away. Then, I get speakers fees from time to time, but not very much."
Not very much? According to his personal financial disclosure, from February 2010 to February 2011, Romney earned $374,327.62 in speaking fees. A few months later, Romney joked that he was "unemployed."

Romney's not very much of $374,327.62 in speaking fees is huge.  Does he realize that most people are not making $374,327.62 in a year? That is probably pocket money in Romney's world. Romney's famous line that "...corporations are people..." shows you that he is completely out of touch with the lives of average Americans.  Seeing as how Romney justified his "...corporations are people..." comment, what other objects will Romney try to claim as people?  Sidewalks?  Shoes? Country clubs?