Monday, January 09, 2012

The Cold Reality

I'm sixty years old and I can truthfully say that I've learned a lot over the years.  Some of what I know can be applied to the cold, ruthless behavior of Republicans.

* In a story posted at Raw Story, Gov. Chris Christie yells at an Occupy protester that attended a Romney event. 
---I know that fat men from Jersey with big mouths should be ignored.  They don't care about your needs because they only care about their own avarice and misguided appetite for food and power.

* Mitt Romney's past behavior at Bain indicates the kind of leader he'd be.  He is not interested in helping people get back to work.  He enriched himself and his partners by taking over companies, soaking up the money through management fees, and throwing employees out on the street without pensions or anything.
-----I know that we don't need a one percenter in the White House.  We already had one in the case of George W. Bush and we can see where that took us.

* Mitt Romney says he was a job creator.  Really?  Romney has a long record of filling his own pockets and firing people.
----Take a look at the trailer for "When Mitt Romney Came to Town."

* Gov. John Kasich actually falls into the same category as Romney.  More and more people I meet use the same word to describe Kasich (a seven letter word that begins with "a" and ends with "e")
---Gov. John Kasich is not a person that you feel has the best interests of all of us in mind.

* Sen. John McCain of Arizona thinks we're interested in his opinion on Iraq and everything else.
---- I think we know that the words that come from McCain's mouth come from a very bitter man.  Frankly, I don't care what he says.

Republicans will do and say anything to get your vote.  They need your vote but forget about you until the next election day.