Friday, January 27, 2012

Republican Debates Continue? Zzzzzzzzzzz...

* Have the Republican presidential candidates discussed ways to get people back to work, how to fund public education, how to rebuild our infrastructure, equal job protections, and how to protect Social Security?  If they've said anything about these topics, I've missed it.  It seems serial groom Gingrich, flip-flopper Romney, and crazy Santorum, have just tried to prove they are more conservative than the other candidates.

* I'm no military expert, but it might be time to cut our country's military spending. The cuts would have to be in areas that would (1.) not create any danger, and (2.) not hurt our troops or veterans.  Republicans like to portray an image as being tough and pro-military by continuing to support wars, wars, and more wars.  It would be to our benefit to create more technological weapons (drones, satellites, etc.) and wage a war different from the one Rumsfeld did in Iraq. While continuing to protect our military, our vets, our people/assets around the world, our future wars should rely more heavily on technology, intelligence, and prevention.