Monday, January 09, 2012

Political News....

* Ohio Supreme Court Justice Yvette McGee Brown is getting ready for her campaign.
Cleveland Plain Dealer:
Ohio Supreme Court Justice Yvette McGee Brown on Monday officially kicked off her election campaign with a short speech before a couple dozen family members and supporters at a Columbus YWCA meeting room. 

Brown said she will campaign on her long professional and political career tied to helping juveniles and broken families and her belief that Ohio's courts must contain elements of diversity to ensure fairness in the judicial system. 

Brown is the only African-American and only Democrat among the seven Ohio justices....

We need to keep her on the Ohio Supreme Court!

* Thomas Fitzgerald, a columnist in the Philadelphia Inquirer, has a short list of Republicans that Mitt Romney might choose as a running mate. Check out the article and the comments by readers.

* Chris Redfern of the Ohio Democratic Party is asking for information that we all want to know----- How much time does Josh Mandel actually spend doing his job as State Treasurer?


.....Ohio’s Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern has filed a request for the daily schedule of state Treasurer Josh Mandel.

Mandel is the frontrunner among the six Republicans running in the March 6th primary for the U.S. Senate, and has raised well over $2 million for his run.

Some of his Republican opponents and Ohio Democrats claim that within months, Mandel was ignoring the treasurer’s office he was elected to in November 2010 to set up his Senate bid. Redfern filed a public records request for Mandel’s daily schedules for the last year....

Josh Mandel has spent a lot of time visiting special interest groups all over the country while he collects campaign donations.  Is he doing all the flying after hours?  Is he using state vehicles to take him to campaign locations?  Josh Mandel, with his extremely limited legislative experience, is a lightweight compared to Sen. Sherrod Brown.  We need to keep Sherrod Brown in the Senate because he cares about Ohio's middle class.