Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You're Known by the Company You Keep...

* Fairness? Objectivity? Forget about it!

This weekend, Ohio's Inspector General Randy Meyer gave a speech that included the following----

    “Our country depends upon people with integrity that seem to rise above 
      politics that so often divides us,” he stressed.
    Meyer’s job as inspector general is to safeguard the integrity of state 

      .....His office is non-partisan.....

Where do you think that Randy Meyer, the Inspector General of Ohio, gave his speech about integrity???? 

Mr. "Non-Partisan" Inspector General spoke, according to WNEWSJ.com, at the
Clinton County Republican Party's Century Club dinner.  Ha!


> Ohio's Treasurer of one year, Josh Mandel, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, came up with a questionable statement on why he supported SB 5 last November.

.....while most Republicans at least acknowledge that the law disadvantages public employees, one Republican thinks the opposite. This summer, Ohio Treasurer and U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel said he supported Senate Bill 5 because the law, in his mind, actually “respect[s] police, and firefighters, and teachers” by giving “fiscal conservatives” the tools to ignore collective bargaining rights, which somehow “insur[es]that there is a state and there are local governments” down the road:
MANDEL: Well I’ve been supportive of Senate Bill 5…In my mind, it’s not about going after police, and firefighters and teachers. It’s about respecting police, and firefighters, and teachers and insuring that there is a state and there are local governments long into the future so that we have communities here in the state. The current level of spending in our state and our country? Simply unacceptable. And I think we need to put the tools in the tool belts of local government leaders and also people who are fiscal conservatives to bring this state into a sense of fiscal health. And that’s one of the reasons I’ve been supportive.....

Did Mandel come up with this reasoning all by himself?  His explanation is completely idiotic.  How are you showing respect when you take away their rights? Besides being absolutely wrong, Mandel shows that his political beliefs have no basis in fact.