Monday, January 16, 2012


Today we honor the work and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We still have so much to do to bring his dreams to reality.
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* Just like the Hatfields and McCoys, the Ohio Republican Party is waging a war on itself.

CommunityPress Cincinnati:

...DeWine refused to talk to The Enquirer. However, in an email statement, his spokesman Christopher Maloney said, “The focus of the Ohio Republican Party and Chairman DeWine has been, and remains on supporting incumbent office holders and filling vacancies when and where they occur. Republican voters throughout Ohio are familiar with this being an historical function of our state organization.”

Kasich has a slate of candidates running in March, some of whom are seeking to oust long-term members. Kasich needs only get a simple majority to remove DeWine.

Two of those battles are in Southwest Ohio: in the 7th Senate District, which includes part of Hamilton and all of Warren County, and the 4th Senate District, which covers all of Butler County....

This is another example of Kasich's enormous ego and his appetite for power.  He wants to control everything. He is managing to create uncertainty, resentment, disorder, and a sense of chaos in the Ohio Republican Party.  Good job!  Seeing as how Kasich's popularity has plummeted within the state, this latest party battle will only add more to his baggage.

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>>>>>>>  The Marion Star has an Associated Press story on how Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel has been spending his time on his job and the job he wants---- Republican Senator. Mandel, who has very little legislative experience, appears to be afraid of the press and has repeatedly declined interviews---- except on right wing media like Fox News.

In a letter to the editor of the Plain Dealer, the writer takess issue with Josh Mandel's support of airborne mercury pollution.  Would Mandel like to live near a site that produces mercury?  Does Mandel think that it is okay to pollute our air, water, and environment with deadly substances to make corporations and CEO's richer?  Should the public be willing to sacrifice their lives and those of their children in order to help corporations make money?  Does Mandel think that corporations are more important than the people of Ohio?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to get an answer from Josh Mandel because he is avoiding the press and anyone that might demand a truthful answer.