Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Call Mandel Irresponsible

*  Is Republican candidate Josh Mandel telling us how irresponsible he is?  

This is from the Twitter website of Sherrod Brown:

Mandel missed 14 board of deposit meetings as Treasurer, but lists this as his responsibility in his Fiscal Report:

OMG!  How can Mandel brag about his responsibilities when he doesn't even fulfill them?

Hilarious!  There is no actual video footage of Josh Mandel doing his job as Ohio Treasurer. Plunderbund:
....the Cleveland Plain Dealer points out that the ad’s footage of Mandel hard at work in the State Treasurer’s office is recycled footage from Mandel’s 2010 State Treasurer campaign.  Mandel has built a reputation as a guy who would only find a way to the office he was elected only if he were told there was a fundraiser there.  And they have no footage, none, of him actually doing his job, so they have to recycle campaign footage before he even had the job....

Josh Mandel is the darling of those special far right interest groups that want to gut Social Security and Medicare, destroy public schools, and lower taxes for the wealthy.  Mandel cannot even manage to do his work in his office as Ohio Treasurer and he thinks he deserves to go to the U.S. Senate????  Give me a break!!!!