Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Romney Plan Would Bankrupt Medicare by 2016

* It could be that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan do not understand the how Medicare works. If Romney and Ryan are able to win and "reform" Medicare, the program would be gone.

NY Times:

Mitt Romney’s promise to restore $716 billion that he says President Obama “robbed” from Medicare has some health care experts puzzled, and not just because his running mate, Representative Paul D. Ryan, included the same savings in his House budgets. 

The 2010 health care law cut Medicare reimbursements to hospitals and insurers, not benefits for older Americans, by that amount over the coming decade. But repealing the savings, policy analysts say, would hasten the insolvency of Medicare by eight years — to 2016, the final year of the next presidential term, from 2024....

...What Mr. Romney proposes to restore to Medicare, however, is not money but additional costs, for higher payments to hospitals, insurers and other care providers. Lobbying groups representing some care providers accepted those reductions during the health care debate, and in exchange they got the law’s mandate for nearly all individuals to have insurance, which meant that providers and insurers would have millions of new paying patients and policyholders.....

President Obama saved $716 billion by closing the donut hole, cutting overcharges, and cutting costs.  If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, the Romney-Ryan administration would open up the donut hole and seniors would pay more.

Allowing Romney and Ryan to get their hands on Medicare would spell disaster for seniors. Now go and explain that to your brother-in-law that thinks Romney is his savior.

> Have you seen the open letter written by a rape victim to Republican Rep. Todd Akin? It has been posted at UniteWomen, and it deserves your attention.

• Paul Ryan spoke against allowing a woman to have an abortion, even if her life was threatened (LINK).