Sunday, August 05, 2012

Josh Mandel's Ego Showing

After reading a tweet about Josh Mandel's ego, you have to wonder if Mandel believes he knows everything. Here is the tweet:

Lady in Josh Mandel office said,we pay him to be treasurer,all he does is campaign for senate.we have a boss with huge ego. 
Now Josh Mandel believes that he can advise the military on which of our military bases should be closed.

American “troops are misdeployed” by being stationed at large bases in countries such as Germany, Italy and Japan, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate and a Marine veteran, says....
....He also said the United States needs to increase its presence in the Middle East. “The place that makes the most sense to me is Kuwait because they’re an ally,” he said.
When asked about Israel, Mandel said he hadn’t thought of that country....

OMG.  Although Mandel served in the military, he doesn't seem to understand the need for having our forces in different locations around the world.  He just doesn't appear to have the grasp of what pulling our troops off world bases could due to our military response time in an emergency.

**** I absolutely love the new Obama ad "Women's Choices" that just started to run---