Friday, August 10, 2012

Portman Against Equal Pay

* There is a lot of talk surrounding the possibility of Republican Sen. Rob Portman (OH) as a running mate for Mitt Romney.  (Rob Portman and Mitt Romney net worth combined could pay off the national debt.)  Here is all you need to know--- 
Rob Portman is against pay equity for women.


Sen. Rob Portman joined 46 other GOP lawmakers in blocking consideration of the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill that would have made it easier for women to receive the same pay as their male counterparts.

Senate Democrats, including Ohio’s Sherrod Brown, all voted in favor of the bill, but they fell short of the 60 votes need to open debate on the legislation....
 We'll see what develops.
*****  Hard to believe, but it is true.  The Josh Mandel campaign could not find any recent video of him working (mainly because Mandel has been absent from his job as Ohio Treasurer!).

....The clip you see of Mandel and his adding machine is old. It was not filmed in the treasurer's office. Mandel, a Republican currently challenging incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, wasn't the treasurer when he filmed it.

He recycled it from a commercial he made in 2010, when, as a state legislator, he ran for treasurer....
Is there any evidence that Josh Mandel actually goes to his office?  He missed 14 meetings of the Board of Deposits, travels all over the nation (plus the Bahamas) for his campaign, has visited every GOP office in every Ohio county, attended every far right Tea Party Republican rallies, and visited many of the businesses owned by pro-SB5/Issue 2 people. Josh Mandel avoids the Treasurer's office at all costs.  Besides, Josh Mandel is clueless as to how much money is in the state retirement funds.

 Shame on Mandel, the "custodian" of the state retirement funds, for not knowing how much money he is supposedly protecting.
* A recent political ad that talks about a tax shelter used by Marriott when Mitt Romney served as ".......the head of the audit committee of the Marriott board..." is explained in an article posted at CNN:

...During that period, Marriott engaged in a series of complex and high-profile maneuvers, including "Son of Boss," a notoriously abusive prepackaged tax shelter that investment banks and accounting firms marketed to corporations such as Marriott. In this respect, Marriott was in the vanguard of a then-emerging corporate tax shelter bubble that substantially undermined the entire corporate tax system....

...the Son of Boss transaction was listed by the Internal Revenue Service as an abusive transaction, requiring specific disclosure and subject to heavy penalties. Statutory penalties were also made more stringent to deter future tax shelter activity. Finally, the government brought successful criminal prosecutions against a number of individuals involved in Son of Boss and related transactions not associated with Marriott, including principals at major law and accounting firms.

In his key role as chairman of the Marriott board's audit committee, Romney approved the firm's reporting of fictional tax losses exceeding $70 million generated by its Son of Boss transaction. His endorsement of this stratagem provides insight into Romney's professional ethics and attitude toward tax compliance obligations....

Read the complete article at CNN. While middle class tax payers work hard, and pay taxes, those that can and should pay more appear to be avoiding to pay their "fair share" of taxes.