Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Romney-Ryan and Your Future

* The Republicans are trying to convince the American voters that they have plans to create jobs, and fix our country. If you believe that, I'm wondering if you'd like to buy some swampland.....

The Romney-Ryan ticket would
- give tax cuts for the wealthy.
- raise taxes on those in the middle class.
- hand out vouchers (aka "premium support") to Medicare recipients.
- allow private insurance companies to rake in profits from seniors.
- restrict women's health care.*(*Note: Paul Ryan wanted to criminal abortions, prevent abortions even in cases of rape  or incest, force a vaginal ultrasound on any woman wanting an abortion, and ban birth control.)
- raise premiums on seniors.
- eventually destroy Social Security.
- end Pell Grants and student loans. (Romney told students to borrow from their parents.)
- take more money from public education and give more to failing charter schools.
- make cuts to Head Start, Title 1, and Special Education funding programs (Link).
- do nothing to help women to achieve equality in the workplace.
- etc., etc., etc.

Does any of this sound appealing to you? These proposals by Romney-Ryan are deplorable and disgusting.

If you live in Ohio, you are aware of the fine work being done by Sen. Sherrod Brown. Sen. Sherrod Brown worked to save the American auto industry, and has demonstrated his support for middle class works.  His opponent, Ohio's absent Treasurer Josh Mandel, supports pretty much everything that Romney-Ryan do. 

Mandel was even against pay equity for women. The darling of the right wing Tea Party Republicans, Josh Mandel has avoided going to his state office as much as possible. In his "jobs plan" Josh Mandel (available at his campaign website), Mandel's emphasis is on helping businesses and corporations.  In his jobs plan, Mandel mentions words that make business moguls salivate---regulations, taxes, businesses- but he forgets to mention things important for workers.

Mandel is a tool for the right wing special interest groups that want to destroy our environment, destroy our public schools, and pay people lower wages.  Josh Mandel even supported SB5/Issue 2 (the anti-middle class worker legislation pushed by Kasich and the GOP.)

It is time to let Josh Mandel go back and finish his term as Ohio Treasurer, then let him do something he hasn't done before---- go get a job in the private sector.

Ohio farmers:  Why is Paul Ryan holding up the farm bill? Why are Steve Stivers, Jim Jordan, Pat Tiberi, and the rest of the Republicans refusing to vote on the farm bill, but they'll waste time repealing the Affordable Care Act (over 30 times)??????