Thursday, August 23, 2012

Encourage Every Woman to Register and Vote

* These Republicans certainly like to make decisions for you.  Can you imagine a day when you have to ask permission of a male member of the Republican Party, like Paul Ryan or Josh Mandel, if you can take a certain birth control pill.  These Republicans are willing to intrude into your life, but they won't answer questions that are put to them.

In a woman's lifetime, a woman can suffer from problems with endometriosis, break through bleeding, irregular pap smears, cysts, irregular periods, infertility, etc., and often are placed on specific hormonal treatments and birth control pills. The Republicans, like Paul Ryan, Josh Mandel, and Todd Akin, want to determine what medicines and treatments should be available to women.  They also want to decide what happens to women and girls who've been victims of rape and incest.  Over 32,000 rape victims become pregnant every year in this nation.  Why do Republicans think that they should interfere with our decisions about our bodies. Are we second class citizens to Republicans?

Not only do we have to worry about our own female health, but the second threat to women is the damage the Romney-Ryan team would do to Medicare.  It is a fact that women outlive men, and women often experience poverty in their later years.  It is sad that now Romney and Ryan want to take away the security of Medicare and allow corporate insurance companies to charge whatever they want. Since Romney and Ryan also want to take away the Affordable Care Act, our pre-existing conditions would be used by insurance companies to deny our coverage.

President Obama respects women and respects our decisions.  He signed the Lilly Ledbetter Act to help women gain equal pay.  Unfortunately, many Republicans, including Paul Ryan, voted against the bill.  President Obama treats women as equals.  The Republicans do not.

If Romney-Ryan are elected, we women will lose.  We will lose the financial gains we've made.  We will lose our reproductive rights.  Most of all, we'll lose Medicare, which is crucial to every elderly woman's survival. As I get closer to 65, I wonder if Medicare will be here when I retire. 

Make sure that every woman you know is registered to vote and votes.  Get in their space and tell them the dangers that Romney and Ryan can deliver to our health and the health of our daughters.  Be certain to tell them how Romney and Ryan plan to destroy Medicare.  That should get everyone's attention.

President Obama has promised to protect our rights and Medicare. The choice is clear----Vote for Obama and Democrats to move our country forward, and not back to the 1950's or the 1850's.