Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kasich, Mandel, Romney Want more Charter Schools????

>>>  The Ohio State Lantern has an article about the work done by Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown in Ohio which includes this--- "...Brown is also working to protect access to the ballot box, particularly for students and minorities, as well as women’s rights for health care decisions and earning equal pay for equal work....."

Sherrod Brown's work on helping the American auto companies survive and keeping interest rates low on college loans were also mentioned in the article.

Sherrod Brown's opponent, Josh Mandel, Ohio's absent Treasurer, has voiced his opposition to all of these issues.

* Our tax dollars are going to charter schools and yet they are performing at much lower levels.  Want to see how schools are performing in Ohio?  The Kasich administration has dragged their feet releasing this information and yet it is only a small part of the data.

The Dispatch has the school report cards online. In examining various counties, I've found that public schools have much higher graduation rates than the corporately-owned charter schools. Here is an example:

The Life Skills Center of Summit County, charter school:

Ohio Graduation Test Reading (11th grade)54.5
Ohio Graduation Test Writing (11th grade)45.5
Ohio Graduation Test Math (11th grade)36.4
Ohio Graduation Test Science (11th grade)18.2
Ohio Graduation Test Social Studies (11th grade)41.7

Longitudinal Graduation Rate (4-year) 6.8
Longitudinal Graduation Rate (5-year) 7.3

Kenmore High School, Summit County, public high school:

Ohio Graduation Test Reading (11th grade)86.5
Ohio Graduation Test Writing (11th grade)88.7
Ohio Graduation Test Math (11th grade)80.9
Ohio Graduation Test Science (11th grade)70.2
Ohio Graduation Test Social Studies (11th grade)74.5

Longitudinal Graduation Rate (4-year) 70.9
Longitudinal Graduation Rate (5-year) 81.4