Friday, September 07, 2012

Mandel's secret money?

* Apparently, Democrats love to eat pizza during the Democratic convention.  While many Democratic groups had convention parties, and many families stayed up late to watch Obama and Biden, pizza delivery people were very busy. One pizza delivery person said that they were so busy that it was evident that Democrats were ordering plenty of pizzas. He also said that they were not very busy at all during the GOP convention.

>>>> Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH-Democrat) is being challenged by Ohio's absent Treasurer, and permanent Republican campaigner, Josh Mandel. With most of Sherrod Brown's contributions coming from Ohio voters, Josh Mandel, has had most of his money coming from out of state, and big bucks from right wing PACs. Mandel has been repeating the same right wing talking points over and over again and is viewed as a puppet of the far right, extreme tea party Republicans.

Mandel doesn't have much experience and he is considered an empty suit.  In an interview with the Dispatch, he attacked Sen. Sherrod Brown.

In response to Mandel's accusations, some retired military took on Mandel.  You can see what they said here.

>>> Gallup has already tracked a convention bump for President Obama.

...Gallup's last three nights of interviewing of adults, conducted Sept. 4 to 6, shows Obama with a 52 percent approval rating, the highest approval percentage reported for Obama on the Gallup tracking poll since May 2011, just after the killing of Osama bin Laden.

The latest results represent a seven percentage point increase in Obama's approval rating, from 45 percent, from Gallup's previous three-day sample, conducted Sept. 1 to 3...

•••  There is more about some of the secret groups backing Josh Mandel. The reliably Republican Columbus Dispatch has discovered that the group, the Government Integrity Fund, has spent quite a lot of money against Sen. Sherrod Brown, while they prop up Mandel.


....previously unreported documents filed with an Ohio television station pull back the curtain a bit: the Government Integrity Fund is run by a state lobbyist who in turn employs a former top Mandel staffer.

The lobbyist, Tom Norris, is listed as the Government Integrity Fund’s chairman and treasurer. Norris owns an Ohio lobbying firm, Cap Square Solutions, and last year hired a top Mandel aide, Joel Riter, to work at the firm.

Riter’s role in the Government Integrity Fund, if any, is not clear. The former Mandel aide declined to say whether he is involved with the group that is chaired by his current boss and running ads in support of his former boss....

Sounds creepy.  Since Josh Mandel is unwilling to explain his views without repeating right wing mantra, he has had to rely on other secret groups to talk for him.  It makes you wonder how many other secret groups, PACs, and people Josh Mandel owes and what he has promised them.