Sunday, September 09, 2012

"...these aren't political games..."

* Sen. Sherrod Brown and Republican Josh Mandel, Ohio's absent Treasurer, met at the Plain Dealer for interviews. Here is a small part of what Sen. Sherrod Brown said to Mandel- Plain Dealer:

...Brown, the Democratic incumbent from Avon, repeatedly called out his Republican opponent for making statements that fact-checkers have found to be false and then repeating those statements after they were exposed. 

He then accused Mandel of telling even more falsehoods during their 70-minute interview and questioned whether Mandel knows when he's not telling the truth.
"This is serious business. People don't run for the Senate and act like you do," said Brown, 59. "These are serious issues, these aren't political games to go from one office to another to another and reach your ambitions, but not fight for what matters to people in this state." 

The more I read about Mandel, the more I see a young person that is more concerned with himself, his ambitions, his supporters, and their issues. I am also troubled by the fact that Mandel says no one every talks to him about any other issues. It might be that he doesn't want to talk about anything but his memorized talking points.  He says that he'll reveal more if elected. Now Mandel has secret plans?????

Here are some suggestions for reporters that might interview Josh Mandel in the next few weeks:  Ask Mandel questions such as....
  • Did he think it was a good move by the federal government to remove BPA from products?
  • Since he is against government regulations, what regulations does he think are unfair or unjustified?
  • How many actual bills of yours were passed through the General Assembly and signed into law? Why did you vote against making cockfighting a felony?
  • Should a victim of rape or incest be allowed to have an abortion?  Why or why not? Should a woman that becomes pregnant through rape or incest be forced to bring the pregnancy to term? 
  • Should women that do the same job as a man, with the same qualifications, be given equal pay?  Why are why not?
  • Do you think that manufacturers should be able to dump whatever chemical they wish into our waters and lands?  Why should the government stay away from regulations?
  • Why were you against the renewal of the legislation known as the Violence Against Women Act?  Are you against funding for shelters for battered women?
  • What is the minimum wage? Have you ever had a job in which you were paid the minimum wage? Where was it?
  • You were against lowering interest rates on college loans. Did you go to college on loans or grants? Why should poor, gifted students be blocked from attending college?
  • Does the money you've received from the corporate owners of charter schools influence your support for charter schools?  Why are you against public schools?  Why should failing charter schools be funded?  How many public schools have you visited recently? What are some of the problems facing schools, teachers, and students today?
  • In your jobs plan, you did not mention anything for our veterans, or the middle class.  Why did you exclude them?  Does you jobs plan just refer to wealthy business owners?
  • Would you support fracking in your Beachwood neighborhood?

I'm sure that you can come up with far better questions than these! Contact your local TV/newspaper reporters and send them your questions for Josh Mandel.  With the debates coming soon, we need to find the names of those asking the questions, and provide them with some of our suggestions.
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* Mitt Romney might has promised he'd create jobs, but his method of creating jobs is to give tax cuts to the wealthy. It won't work. It has never worked, but that is his plan.

Americans may not know that as the CEO of Bain, Romney sent jobs to China.

ThinkProgress: the Washington Post reported, Bain Capital, the private equity firm that Romney headed, played its own part in sending jobs to low-wage countries, including China. In fact, Bain “invested in a series of firms that specialized in relocating jobs done by American workers to new facilities in low-wage countries like China and India.”

In one example, Bain was the largest shareholder in a company called Modus Media, which “specialized in helping companies outsource their manufacturing“:

         Modus Media told the SEC it was performing outsource packaging and  hardware assembly for IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Computer Corp. The filing disclosed that Modus had operations on four continents, including Asian facilities in Singapore, Taiwan, China and South Korea, and European facilities in Ireland and France, and a center in Australia....

Romney made money while Americans lost jobs, cities lost tax payers, and jobs were sent to other countries.