Thursday, September 27, 2012

School Lunches

* Right wing reporters and websites are making a fuss about school children not eating the healthier food being presented in school cafeterias. Let me give these people a clue---kids have always hated school food. They are just whining louder. Give them time, and they will learn to eat the food that is presented to them. Parents, teachers, and administrators need to work together to encourage students to eat healthy so that they can been attentive in class and live healthier lives.

After lunch, students who've eaten a balance meal are awake in class.  In the past, students were allowed to buy candy, and snack foods. I've seen the results of students who were eating 5-6 candy bars for lunch. That is not healthy and it makes students hyperactive, talkative, and unable to focus. 

This is really a non-issue that right winger news people have brought to the public's attention. It might be better for all of us if these "news" reporters would actually report on news. These "news" people should stop attacking Mrs. Obama and the child obesity specialists that are for better, healthier diets for all Americans.