Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Polls---

> A new poll released today by the conservative Columbus Dispatch has President Obama with a 9 point lead over Romney in Ohio.

*The YWCA Poll shows President Obama with strong support from women.
National Journal:

Another four years of President Obama, according to a new YWCA-sponsored poll that found him leading Republican Mitt Romney by 49 percent to 31 percent. The yawning gender gap mirrors other surveys nationwide and here in Ohio, a hotly contested swing state, and it represents one of Romney’s most pressing challenges in the home stretch before the Nov. 6 election.

Women typically favor the Democratic nominee, but the gender gap popping up in recent polls is larger than expected....

Women are more active in this election! 

• Number guru, Nate Silver of the NY Times FiveThirtyEight Blog,  has the latest on the presidential election:

Barack Obama ....................... Mitt Romney

83.8% ...... Chance of Winning ...... 16.2%