Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Stand With....

>>>> Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH-Dem) stood with Ohio's firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses, and state employees.  Now it is our duty to support him, his campaign, and at the ballot box.  Sherrod Brown cares about every hardworking Ohioan and has made it his duty to protect the lives and rights of the middle class, college students, our senior citizens, and the poor. We want to move forward with Sherrod Brown, not return to the failed pro-rich, anti-middle class policies of the Republican Party and Josh Mandel.

• • • • • Speaking of Josh Mandel.....

From Twitter
I finally realized where I saw from Clint Eastwood's speech - it's Josh Mandel's office chair. It needed the work. 

From Twitter
Anyone know where Josh Mandel is today? He is not in his office according to Facebook comments by his staff.The boy lost...

Josh Mandel, Ohio's absent Treasurer, has been out in the state repeating his mantra that regulations are bad, that he was against the auto bailout that saved 850,000 jobs in Ohio, tax cuts are needed for the rich, blah, blah, blah (see MiddletownJournal).  Lucky for him he offers nothing new--- just the same old Republican talking points given to him by the extremists like Karl Rove, Jim DeMint, and Americans for (their own) Prosperity.

Why didn't Josh Mandel include any plans for how to get more jobs for veterans in his jobs plan?  Doesn't he care? Does he only care about his wealthy contributors and lowering their tax?
 Right now, congressional candidate Tammy Duckworth is speaking at the Democratic National Convention.  She is an amazing woman.


* Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is working hard to make it as difficult as possible for Ohioans to vote. From RawStory:

Ohio’s Secretary of State, Jon Husted, will not set new early voting hours despite a court order, according to a memo released by his office.

“Announcing new hours before the court case reaches final resolution will only serve to confuse voters,” the memo states. “Therefore, there is no valid reason for my office or the county boards of elections to set hours for in-person absentee voting the last three days before the election at this time.”

The memo prohibits county election boards from setting hours for the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday before the election....

I hope that those of us here in Ohio remember this disgusting behavior from Jon Husted. Frankly, I'm not surprised. Husted has always been an arrogant snob and this just adds to the evidence.  When Husted runs for his next office (and he will), just remember how he tried to block the vote.