Thursday, October 04, 2012

Can Josh Mandel Answer A Question?

* Ohioans know that Sen. Sherrod Brown has shown his dedication to the working men and women of the state.  Sen. Sherrod Brown helped save the American auto industry, support continuing Medicare, keeping and preserving Social Security, and helping seniors, college students, and families survive.

 Sen. Sherrod Brown's opponent is Republican tea party favorite, Josh Mandel. Josh Mandel currently serves as Ohio Treasurer, a job he has avoided doing so that he can attend receptions for his campaign.  The most annoying thing about Josh Mandel is that he has lied repeatedly, all of which has been caught by Politifact (6 Pants on Fire,
3 False, and numerous other findings). Josh Mandel wants to privatize Social Security, and give vouchers for Medicare!

Josh Mandel continues to avoid discussing his views on the auto rescue plan that saved Ohio jobs and the entire American auto industry.

The Youngstown Vindicator:

Asked a half dozen times using different scenarios, Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, wouldn’t give a yes-or-no answer as to whether he supports the $82 billion federal government bailout of the American auto industry.....

....Mandel was asked: In light of the impact the auto rescue has had, does he support it.

“I would do anything in the U.S. Senate I could to protect auto jobs,” he said. “But it needs to be under the umbrella of the free-enterprise system without the federal government picking winners and losers.”

IF Josh Mandel really, honestly supported the American auto jobs, he would have said it by now. His lack of candor is disgusting. Josh Mandel owes Ohio voters answers and the truth.