Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Rude Josh Mandel

Republican Josh Mandel, Ohio's absent Treasurer and Senate candidate, has displayed some rude behavior.  With polls showing Ohioans rejecting his Tea Party, right wing, anti-middle class agenda, Josh Mandel did something unexpected, in a public elevator, in front of a reporter.


The Republican nominee for Ohio's U.S. Senate seat, state Treasurer Josh Mandel, had a bizarre exchange and brief outburst while sharing an elevator Friday with a tracker for a Democratic super PAC. 

Video shot by a tracker for American Bridge 21st Century shows the tracker, identified as Tyler, walking into an elevator occupied by Mandel and two other people. Mandel can be heard shouting "Tyler" when the tracker walks in and then moving to another part of the elevator. He then pushes the camera away from him. The incident occurred in the elevator in the Rhodes State Office Tower, the building that houses the treasurer's Columbus office. Mandel is challenging Sen. Sherrod Brown (D). 

When Mandel pushes the camera, the tracker can be heard saying "please don't." Mandel then engages in pleasant conversation with the tracker, asking him how he's been and introducing him to Joe Vardon, a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch, who was there to interview Mandel. While Mandel plays with his Blackberry and has the camera pointed at his back, Vardon and the tracker engage in a brief conversation before Mandel and Vardon exit the elevator to go into Mandel's 10th floor office.....

With rumors of a disgruntled staff, his bloated ego, dismal poll numbers, his lack of response to numerous requests for public records, and continuing absences from his elected position as Ohio Treasurer, Josh Mandel cannot handle the criticism. For far too long, Josh Mandel has been the star pupil of far right PACs run by Jim DeMint, Karl Rove, Americans for (their own) Prosperity, and FreedomWorks. Now that he faces the reality of losing this campaign, he will be forced to abandon the many receptions held in his honor in New York, Washington, D.C., Florida, Texas, Chicago, Denver, the Bahamas, and other glitzy locations.  Josh Mandel could be forced to finish his job as Ohio Treasurer (unless he can find another elected position for which he can campaign).