Monday, October 29, 2012

Romney Would Abolish Fema

* Mitt Romney believes that hurricane/tornado/flood emergency response teams should not be provided by FEMA. Romney thinks states should provide emergency services, not FEMA, a federal agency. 

Here in Ohio, when a tornado hit southern Ohio, Gov. Kasich first said that a federal response was not necessary because he believed the state could provide assistance and clean up. In March, Kasich tried to use only state agencies to help serve citizens and manage the clean up. A March 2012 post at Daily Kos reminds us of what happens when states try to go it alone:

...But here in Ohio, Kasich has responded to the disaster with the type of "leadership" we've come to expect from him:

Kasich says no need for federal help
Gov. John Kasich said he’s not planning to request that Clermont County be declared a federal disaster area. Speaking at New Richmond High School, Kasich said he believes Ohio has its own resources to deal with the disaster. “I believe that we can handle this,” he said.
Unbelievable. An entire Ohio town has been wiped off the map, but Gov. Kasich refuses to declare Clermont County area a disaster area, because that would make it eligible for federal help. And by "unbelievable," I mean totally believable for a teabag-waving sociopath like Kasich....
Romney is completely out of touch with what happens to real people during catastrophic events.  People without dressage horses, elevators for cars, and vacation homes often have difficulty recovering after a major disaster.