Monday, October 15, 2012

Greed is not a Family Value

Mitt Romney is like that brother-in-law that brags that he pays less taxes, even though you know he makes three times more money than you do. Romney appears to have figured out all the angles, loopholes, and tax dodges to reduce his own taxes.  This not only displays his avarice, but it is just not fair. Mitt Romney believes that he should pay lower taxes because he takes financial risks.  Romney doesn't pour all of his money into an investment. Whatever he does invest is a pittance compared to what he has. Our military men and women, police, and fire fighters take real risks every single day, but they pay a higher tax rate than Romney.

>>>  Mitt Romney's tax plan has been judged as a mathematical impossibility. An economist at Moody's has his opinion about the Romney tax plan:


The fact that Mitt Romney’s tax plan is mathematically impossible was reinforced again on Friday, when Mark Zandi, a former John McCain campaign adviser and Chief Economist at Moody’s Economy, admitted as much. 
Speaking on CNN’s “Starting Point,” Zandi acknowledged a study by the Tax Policy Center that shows Romney’s plan to lower taxes by 20 percent across the board, while making up those losses in government revenue by closing loopholes on the wealthy, doesn’t add up. Zandi even went so far as to say that “the arithmetic doesn’t work as it is right now”:
ZANDI: Yeah, I think the Tax Policy Center study is the definitive study. They’re non-partisan, they’re very good. They say given the numbers that they’ve been provided by the Romney campaign, no, it will not add up. Now, the Romney campaign could adjust their plan. They could say okay I’m not going to lower tax rates as much as I’m saying right now and they could make the arithmetic work. But under the current plan, with the current numbers, no it doesn’t. I’ll say one other thing, though. I think it is important that we do focus on the so-called tax expenditures in the tax code. Those are the deductions, and credits, and loopholes in the code. We need to reduce those, because if we do we’re going to make the tax system fairer, easier to understand and ultimately lead to stronger growth. So that’s the right place to focus. But, no, the arithmetic doesn’t work as it is right now.

While Romney and his wealthy friends find ways to avoid taxes, the middle class has to make up the difference. While Romney's money heads to the Cayman Islands, Ireland, and other tax shelters, the tax money coming from the middle class helps pay for teachers, roads, defense, etc., etc. This only spotlights why Romney's "we built that" is so wrong. If a majority of Romney's taxes are going somewhere else, his claims to helping the USA are hollow. Romney serves his own greed and that of his fat cat friends.

Sen. Sherrod Brown will debate his Republican opponent, Ohio's absent Treasurer, Josh Mandel. The debate will take place at the Cleveland City Club.