Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Truth about Romney

* When Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, he had taxpayers in the state facing fees on nearly everything.

...Jobs outsourced overseas: As governor of Massachusetts, Romney drew on his experience as a CEO and outsourced state jobs. Today, Romney has proposed eliminating all taxes on companies’ foreign profits—which would actually encourage companies to send more jobs overseas.

  • Governor Romney vetoed a bill that would have banned state contractors from outsourcing state work overseas. [Boston Globe, 6.26.04]
  • Under Romney, Massachusetts outsourced jobs in child support enforcement, food stamps, and unemployment insurance overseas. [GAO report, “Offshoring In Six Human Services Programs,” 3.1.2006]

"When Romney was governor of Massachusetts, his administration signed a $160,000-per-month contract with Citigroup to operate an electronic food stamp system that included a consumer call center in India.'
Boston Globe, Political Intelligence, 5.1.12

Note: Check out the increased fees that  Romney had in Massachusetts, which included barbers, chiropractors, gun owners, real estate licenses, plumbers, licenses for manicurists, licenses for hairdressers, life support ambulance license, elevator firms, increased licensing fees for hospitals and nursing homes, electricians, etc., etc., etc. Also from Gather: See the full list of more than 1,000 fees....


Republican Josh Mandel, Ohio's absent Treasurer, was against fair pay for women and the auto rescue plan. How horrible! Why is Josh Mandel against rights for women and jobs for our citizens?