Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Elevator Drama

* Following the bizarre behavior of Josh Mandel on an elevator (see post below), Republican candidate for the Senate, Mandel now has a different version of events.


Republican U.S. Senate candidate Josh Mandel said a political video tracker “made the initial physical contact with me” in an incident that occurred Friday in a public elevator, offering an explanation that is not supported by eyewitness accounts nor the video of the incident and is a twist from the original statement put out by the Mandel campaign.....

....The video of the incident shows, as The Dispatch previously reported, the tracker following Mandel into the elevator. But it also shows Mandel approach the tracker, say his name loudly, step to the side of him, and then the camera shakes. The tracker, whose name is Tyler Hansen, said "please don’t,” and Mandel relented, asking the tracker “how you been” and quipping “good to see you.” He also asked the tracker if he knew the Dispatch reporter who was in the elevator.

After Mandel and the Dispatch reporter got off the elevator, an unidentified woman who was also on the elevator can be heard on the video remarking to the tracker that she saw Mandel come "right over there to block” the camera. The woman can also be heard saying “(when) he walked in he scared me to death.”

In case you are interested-----Sen. Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio, will debate Josh Mandel on Monday, October 10th, 12:30pm at the Cleveland City Club. The debate is scheduled to be a live Webcast through the Cleveland City Club.