Friday, June 09, 2006

Another Day, More Ohio GOP Corruption

There is an interesting article about how the Ohio GOP rigged the 2004 election and this time the names include both Tom and Bernadette Noe. Media Monitors has the story and here is an excerpt:

...The dirty tricks in Lucas Country started long before election day. For instance, the Democratic headquarters was broken into and key voter data was stolen.

In the months before the election, when voting rights activists tried to challenge the Republican Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell's partisan handling of provisional ballots in court, Tom Noe intervened on Blackwell's behalf. Blackwell also served as co-chair for the Ohio Bush-Cheney campaign,

While Tom handled the court business, Bernadette worked to reverse the Ohio tradition of allowing provisional ballots to be cast in precincts other than the one in which voters were registered and helped disenfranchise many inner-city Toledo Democratic voters.

On November 2, 2004, during the election, inner city voting machines broke down and polls opened late. The Toledo Blade reported that the sole machine at the Birmingham polling site in east Toledo broke down at about 7 am, and that per order of Secretary Blackwell, there were no paper ballots available for backup....

And...The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that GOP candidate for governor is trying to discourage voting. Won't these Republicans ever stop trying to interfere with the citizen's right to vote? Will Republicans continue to lie, cheat, and steal in order to keep control of Ohio and the country??? It looks like the GOP will go to any lengths, to stay in power. When will Ohioans throw the Republican bums out of office?