Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hidden Meanings in Hometown Favorites

Sunday's Columbus Dispatch had a full page feature called Hometown Favorites. The article reported results of the Best of Central Ohio 2006 Reader Survey.

*Here is one of the results of the poll for the People.
1. Michael Coleman (Democratic Mayor of Columbus)
2. Karen Hollbrook (President of The Ohio State University)
3. Matt Habash (Democrat and President of Columbus City Council)

My conclusion is that people in the city have a more positive opinion of Democrats than Republicans.

*Now for the Things section of the poll. Here is a highlight.
1. Tom Noe's coin dealings
2. Bob Taft's ethics violation
3. Bob Ney's Jack Abramoff connection

My conclusion for the political scandal results could be stated this way---They are all 3 Republican scandals!

In summary, it appears that the readers felt positive about Democrats and their leadership but negative about the Republican scandals. Will these opinions carry over until November???