Friday, June 16, 2006

Murtha Smacks Down GOP Chickenhawk

Rep. John Murtha is a giant of a man. A decorated Marine, he speaks with authority when he speaks about our men and women in uniform. His military experience has given him the right and the moral authority to speak about the administration's policies in Iraq.

From Raw Story: (Visit Raw Story for the video)

Representative John Murtha (D-PA), in an encounter during House debate with Louis Gohmert (R-TX), challenged Gohmert with questions relating to his service, or lack of service, in the US Military.


Rep. Gohmert: Let me close by saying some have not had nice things to say about our colleague Mr. Murtha, and others wanting to pull out of Iraq quickly. I understand the faithful visitation that he does routinely. So i say thank god for his big heart. I say thank god for his compassion. Thank god for his visits to the wounded. Thank god for his ministering to grieving families. But thank god he was not here and prevailed after the bloodbaths at Normandy and in the Pacific or we would be here speaking Japanese or German. Thank you.

Rep. Murtha: Was the gentleman at any of those locations? Either at normandy or any of those locations?

Rep. Gohmert: You want to know which locations?

Rep. Murtha: Yeah. Normandy?

Rep. Murtha: I say were you there?

Rep. Gohmert: No, sir. I wasn't.

Rep. Murtha: Were you in Vietnam?

Rep. Gohmert: No, sir.

Rep. Murtha: Iraq?

Rep. Gohmert: No. I have been over there. I haven't been fighting.

Rep. Murtha: Boots on the ground?

Rep. Gohmert: I do admire the gentleman's compassion and all he has done for our wounded. He has done a great service that would be you, Mr. Murtha.