Friday, June 30, 2006

Perfect Timing?????

With President Bush's poll numbers at an all time low, you'd think his staff would try to do things to win over supporters. However, that is NOT going to happen today. Bush will arrive at the Columbus airport today at the beginning of rush hour traffic and parts of our already congested highways will be closed. Thanks.

The Columbus Dispatch has the story:

President Bush’s visit today will raise big bucks for Republican Sen. Mike DeWine — and cause big headaches for rush-hour motorists.

Portions of roadways, mostly on the North and East sides, will be closed around 5 p.m. for undetermined periods while Bush’s motorcade travels from Port Columbus to Powell for the highdollar fundraiser at the home of Randy and Sara Wilcox.

The president’s visit could bring much of northern Columbus to a standstill at a time when motorists will be eager to start the Fourth of July weekend, some of them by heading to the Ger- main Amphitheater on Polaris Parkway for a 7:30 p.m. concert featuring Chicago and Huey Lewis & The News....

Just in case you wanted more info about getting a picture with Bush-----
....the price for a photo opportunity with Bush at a VIP reception is $10,000....