Monday, March 29, 2010

Details, Details

You absolutely must read the Toledo Blade article about the FBI raid of the Christian militia. Check out the pictures of the accused, the indictment, and additional details at the Toledo Blade. Apparently, they planned to begin to carry out their plans next month.

> Former Bush speechwriter, David Frum, delivered a big case of reality to those "repeal healthcare" Republicans and tea partiers.

Raw Story:

...Responding to declarations by many Republicans that they will seek to repeal the health law signed by President Obama last week, Frum suggested the strategy was unrealistic.

"I think a lot of Republicans have been a lot more focused on regaining the House and Senate than they were focused on saving the country from the worst consequences of this bill," Frum said on ABC's Good Morning America. "And you see it now with this talk of repeal. Repeal is literally impossible. You need the president's signature, which you won't get, or you have to override his signature with two-thirds of both houses, and it's mathematically impossible to win two-thirds of the Senate."

Frum suggested the GOP's strategy in the health debate may end up harming the party if it is seen as principally being interested in blocking reforms....

Ooooops! Keep that repeal campaign going, Mitt Romney.

**** Did you notice Cindy McCain's face during Sarah Palin's speech at the McCain rally? Mrs. McCain appeared visibly disgusted while Palin was talking.

Speaking of Sarah Palin..... Her voice reminds me of someone scratching their nails on a chalkboard.