Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Worth a Look

"Yes We Can!" slaps down Boehner's "No You Can't" in a video posted at You Tube:

I love it!!!! The Republicans remain the party of "NO!"

**** The latest reading scores have been released for all 50 states for the National Assessment of Educational Progress. (The Dispatch has Ohio results.) Even though Ohio's students did better than some other states, it might be time to make some changes to help students and improve scores. Here are my suggestions:

(1) Reduce the amount of standardized tests given to students. Too much valuable classroom time is wasted in preparing for and taking tests.

(2) Parents need to become more active in getting their sons and daughters to read and do school work. Teachers cannot do everything. Parents might need to cut their child's time spent on computers, game systems, and cellphones. With parents and teachers working together, scores and skills will improve.